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Competence to perform inspection and assessment with impartiality and consistency is key when selecting a Water Consultant to support your team. Demonstrable independence strengthens the confidence of any discerning client with respect to the ability to conduct work without influence.

Harper Water Management Group do not promote, offer or sell any water hygiene products or control measures, including biocides, UV light sources or filtration. Furthermore we do not undertake water sampling, nor laboratory testing to validate or verify performance of water hygiene or control measures, nor confirmation of remedial works. In addition, Harper Water Management Group believe there is a conflict where Risk Assessments are undertaken by the same body who offer reparation advice. Therefore Harper Water Management Group will either undertake the Risk Assessment or support the client to assess the report and implement appropriate prioritised actions, interpret and report data without bias, and deliver sustainable improvements in water system hygiene.

The professional judgement to determine the compliance of component installations and water systems with regulations, standards, specifications and contracts is paramount, and in our opinion, this is best completed by a fully independent and multidisciplinary Water Consultant team, such as Harper Water Management Group.

A multidisciplinary team dedicated and passionate about water safety and ensuring water does not pose a risk to human health. We have been offering independent advice, support and guidance and sharing knowledge on all facets of water management and control for decades in our respective specialized areas.

WHY use us?

With over 100 years of collective experience in and knowledge on water system management and safety internationally, the team has provided consultancy services to all industry segments. The Harper Water Management Group are passionate in ensuring water systems remain safe for consumers, compliant with regulations and fit for purpose.

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David Harper, the leading international authority on waterborne safety, highlights the potential pitfalls associated with interpretation of the term “Authorised Engineer for Water.”   The importance of being independent, whilst also possessing the required knowledge and experience along with an official IHEEM registration cannot be over-emphasised, and David discusses how he is leading the charge for change and improvement to the existing scheme.

Please use the following link to download the article which first appeared in the August 2021 Edition of the Health Estates Journal,  the monthly magazine of the UK’s Institute of Healthcare Engineering, or IHEEM

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