Legionella & Pseudomonas Mitigation - Harper Water

Critical Water System Contamination – Investigation & Mitigation

Legionella pneumophila, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Non-Tuberculous Mycobacteria and Other Waterborne Pathogen Mitigation

Confidential, multi-disciplinary, rapid and sensitive response with minimal disruption to critical contamination and/or outbreak situations. The Harper Water Management Group offer a full bespoke support service, data interpretation and analytics, data-driven decision making leading to specific, focused and defined action plan(s) to bring the water system back into safe operation. Written and visual reports and detailed protocols help support the client team alongside evolving and relevant sampling plans during the contamination and/or incident investigation to pinpoint root cause and ensure effective prioritised corrective actions and control measures are implemented, validated and verified. Ongoing support as part of retained Water Safety Group Services can ensure sustainable results for the health of buildings and their associated water systems, and enable the client team to evolve in their roles within the Water Safety Group.

Fully independent multi-skilled team with proven history for validating and verifying
appropriate remedial works, control measures and operational parameters. More than 50 years’ experience, both nationally and internationally, in investigation and mitigation of waterborne contamination and outbreaks. Clients supported include those from the Travel &  Tourism Industry, Leisure & Hospitality, Healthcare (including large and small hospitals, residential and nursing homes, hospices), Multi-National Facility Management providers.

Please contact our team for a free and confidential discussion following identification of pathogens within your water system.

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