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Risk Assessment Appraisal

Water System Risk Assessment Appraisal

Competence to perform inspection and assessment with impartiality and consistency is critical when appraising risk assessments. Demonstrable independence ensures this appraisal is completed without bias or influence. The professional judgement to determine the compliance of component installations and water systems with regulations, standards, specifications and contracts is paramount, and in our opinion, this is best completed by a fully independent and multidisciplinary Water Consultant team, such as Harper Water Management Group.

Harper Water Management Group do not promote, offer or sell any water hygiene products or control measures, including biocides, UV light sources or filtration.  Furthermore we do not undertake water sampling, nor laboratory testing to validate or verify performance of water hygiene or control measures, nor confirmation of remedial works.  In addition, Harper Water Management Group believe there is a conflict where Risk Assessments are undertaken by the same body who offer reparation advice.  Therefore Harper Water Management Group will either undertake the Risk Assessment or support the client to assess the report and implement appropriate prioritised actions, interpret and report data without bias, and deliver sustainable improvements in water system hygiene.

Fully independent multi-skilled team with proven history for validating and verifying
appropriate remedial works, control measures and operational parameters. More than 50 years’ experience, both nationally and internationally, in investigation and mitigation of waterborne contamination and outbreaks. Clients supported include those from the Travel & Tourism Industry, Leisure & Hospitality, Healthcare (including large and small hospitals, residential and nursing homes, hospices), Multi-National Facility Management providers.

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