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Sampling Services

Expertise on hand

Appropriate, robust, and relevant Sampling Plans play a fundamental role within the overall safe management of water systems within the built environment.

The team at Harper Water can support you in all aspects related to effective water sampling for the premises for which you carry legal responsibility.

We have specific educational and training modules which centre around effective water sampling, and are able to advise and reassure Water Safety Groups on any concerns or questions related to specific scenarios.

Led by Dr Vicky Katsemi PHD MBA MWMSoc MRSPH who holds Certification for water sampling for microbiological analysis (ISO 19458:2006), and Dr Catherine Whapham PHD MBA FRSPH, our team routinely support our clients across all industry segments by sharing expertise in:

  • Rationale behind sampling
  • Foundations of effective sampling – Summarising all key points for WSG members
  • Development of appropriate & bespoke Sampling Plans for your premises.
  • Guidance on routine sampling and monitoring for your Premises
  • Independent and experienced Interpretation of microbial sample results, input into remediation action plans, ongoing monitoring, and the ability to lead at all stages of project management and tracking initiatives in full partnership with the WSG and other stakeholders.
  • Critical Sampling Strategy, Plans, Interpretation, and direction during Outbreak/Colonisation Investigations
  • Interpretation/Clarification of Guidance and Standards including the translation of any changes or amendments to such (eg: Recent update implications of BS 7592:2022)
  • Full scope of consultancy and advise for all aspects of Sampling for Legionella, and Pseudomonas aeruginosa
  • Chain of Custody
  • Microbiological diagnostics for the analysis of water samples. Plateculture versus molecular methods. Advantages and disadvantages associated with the different options available, what it means for you, along with individual customised and situational advice.

Changing the recipe within the Water Hygiene industry

Harper Water Management Group are a team of highly experienced and multidisciplinary water safety specialists supporting businesses across all industry segments in the safe and compliant management of water systems.

We work in partnership with our clients and their responsible teams to ensure the ongoing safety of their customers and clients, employees, and other building users and in continuous support of the business brand and reputation.

If you would like an informal discussion about your own requirements, or if you wish to know more on how we can help your team to enhance and improve your own water safety policy and plans, please contact us on 07474 006969 or via the contact us page:

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