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Education and training provision

Training and Education programme for all stakeholders and all roles required within the Water Safety Group and across all required disciplines. Content encompassing basic water hygiene through to Responsible Person / Competent Person delivered in face to face or on-line format to best suit the client needs. Bespoke and evolving training arranged on a client by client basis on a one-off basis or retained educational capacity to ensure annual refreshers, new guidance and latest industry updates plus studies from scientific peer reviewed journals which are highly relevant for the Water Safety Team.

Assessment of capabilities and Letter of Appointment for defined roles (Responsible Person /Competent Person) provided from IHEEM Registered Authorising Engineer (Water).

Training and education delivered by experienced and capable lecturers with over 25 years of experience in training Clinical Microbiologists, Infection Prevention and Control, Clinical Nurse Specialists, Health & Safety, Estates and Facilities, Plumbers, Contractors, Water Disinfection service personnel, along with business and premises owners, Specialist Medical Device Manufacturers, and C Level B2B clients.

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